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    Orion NPM IPAM APM NCM IVIM Install best pracitces.


      We are preparing to do a new install of NPM, IPAM, APM, NCM, and IVIM.

      We are looking for both best pracitces from Solarwinds, and what works best from real experience.   

      What are the advantages of installing them all on the same server? 

      What are the disadvantages? 

      Can the web consoles for indivdual products, installed on separate servers, be integrated into a single web interface?

      We will be installing the latest version of each product, and SQL will be on a standalone 2008 Enterprise SQL server.

        • Re: Orion NPM IPAM APM NCM IVIM Install best pracitces.

          You can install all of these products on the same server see the Orion demo for example. Please also refer to the NPM Administrator Guide for miniumum and recommended specs.

          If you wanted to you could install the products on seperate servers, but this would use seperate databases. You could integrarte everything into a single console but this would not end up looking like the Orion demo above. Note that not all modules can be split off onto seperate servers/databases (eg NTA) but APM, IPAM and NCM can. IVIM is not a module: its the virtualization part of Orion.

          NCM 7.0 will use a seperate database but when installed on the Orion server it is fully integrated. See: "Installing or Upgrading to Orion NCM version 7.0"

          On the SQL server: please ensure you configure this as per SQL best practices. Don't let SQL grab all available RAM for example. Please also see the PDF below, "Managing Orion Performance"

          - A short discussion of Orion and SQL
          - Measuring and monitoring SQL
          - Optimizing  SQL for the Orion environment
          - RAID choices RAMDisk, SSD, drive types, memory management
          - Orion server performance
          - Additional resources