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    How to monitor Microsoft Key Management services? Template ?


      The situation and request:

      We utilize Microsoft Key Management Service for managing our licensing for Windows 7, Server 2008, Server 2008R2, and Office 2010.  The server is TPA+++++++V.  We use generic license keys that triggers the OS to use KMS server to approve license, instead of entering a MAK license code and permanent licensing.


      The servers and applications check in with KMS periodically (like weekly or monthly) to validate it's license.  The server then can go for 90 to 180 days without being able to talk to a KMS server.  After the time expires, the licenses are invalidated and the OS and applications go into an unlicensed state.

       We would like to see if there is a way to monitor that (A) the KMS service is running, and (B) the individual servers can reach the KMS server.  If a server cannot reach the KMS server to validate it's license it will right an event log entry .



      So I am thinking the KMS service could be monitored on the KMS server and possibly use a generic event log monitor to search for the event log messages that would indicate an issue with reaching the KMS service. Is anyone aware of a KMS service tempalte that may include additional services / ports to check for KMS health? And is there a better way to monitor the servers are able to reach the KMS service other than adding an event log monitor on each dependant node?


      Thanks in advance for any advice / help that can be offered. Apologies for my lack of knowledge, trying my best here ;)