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    ipMonitor 10.6 Now Generally Available


      SolarWinds ipMonitor 10.6 has been officially released and is now available for download for all existing ipMonitor customers under active maintenance through your customer portal.

      This release includes the following features and fixes:

    • Active Directory Login Support
    • Monitor cloning across multiple devices
    • Dependency and Environment Monitor ping intervals now set to 60 seconds
    • The Add New Device wizard default group now defaults to None, improving web interface performance
    • Fixed an issue with deleting multiple monitors from a search result.
    • Fixed an issue with mass editing Bandwidth thresholds.
    • Fixed an issue with monitored objects not being listed.
    • Fixed an issue with monitor naming convention. DeviceName Instance Type is now used.
    • Removed Printer Monitor from default SmartMonitor Settings.
    • Fixed an issue with Ping monitor timing settings.
    • Fixed an issue with information alert descriptions on the File Property monitor edit page.
    • Fixed an issue with page navigation from the Add Email Report Publisher page.
    • Fixed an issue with Maintenance Mode radio buttons not working as expected.
    • Fixed an issue with Monitors list not displaying correctly on the Configuration Page.