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    want to monitor the device on interface basis not on ip


      currently in our network we have primary amd secondary router, currently we are monitoring loopback, instead we require to monitor the interface. e.g. in the summary when the monitoring IP address is not reachable Orion shows that perticular nodename under down, we want orion to show the node under down when any of the interface on the device is down,

      Idea behind doing this is if we monitor a loopback, and the primary WAN link goes down, still the loopback is reachable thru secondary link to avoide this situation we want to monitor on interface basis

      we can do this by replacing WAN IP instead of looppback IP in this case if any other interface goes down e.g LAN Orion will not trigger a mejor alert ( it will not display the device as down it wil simply dhow thar 1 interface is down on that perticular device.

      i short we wat to poll the device based on all interfaces

      Please guide if this is possible