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    Help alerting on EventType only.


      I have a question and new to Solarwinds and SQL query.   I'd like to Alert on EventType only.   For example i have a group of servers that are identified as Dev. a custom property field.  

      I'd like to alert my "Dev" Group of servers when a "Node Reboots" "Node Removed" "Node Add" "Volume Removed" "Volume Added" etc.

      I tried to go to alert manager but I am not see these event types.   I played around in Report Writer but Alerts(email) is what we really want. 



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          Michael Melton

          For the Node Reboots, you can copy the existing alert in the alert manager for when a node reboots and then just add a condition to filter your custom property. Example below:

          For the Node Added, Volume Added/Removed you can use report writer to get this and set it to run nightly and receive email reports of what was added/removed daily Orion. You can set it so that it is seperate emails for each of the event types, or combine it all into one. Example below of the fields and filter:




          Of course you can edit/change to your needs but this can get you on the right track. If you decide to do seperate emails for the Node Added/Volume Added ect. you would just need the one condition group. I also didn't set it to have Event Time sorted but I would do that as well.

          Hope this helps.

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              Hi Michael, I have provided my admin this solution but he is adamant that he receive email alerts when a "Volume Disappears" "Volume Added" etc.    Is there any way I can alert off the Event Type?  Can we get this part of an enhancement?   I have used the script in Report Writer to get the results I want.   I grab the SQL in report writer and used it as a Alert Trigger condition but not much luck.