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    SCP certification question


      I noticed there are several guides on Thwack, but it seems some of the guides are more popular than others. I have a high level of technical expertise and catch on quickly though I'm not certified in any Cisco areas. I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on the best materials to study.  Should I read through all the administrator guides (APM, NPM, Orion, etc.) in addition to watching all the videos provided by Solarwinds under their education section?

      I noticed there are several PDFs of N2N Netflow Basics Vol 1 - XX . It seems like some of the volumes are much more popular than others based on the download numbers.

      Any help would be appreciated. I have 15+ years of IT experience, currently I'm in a network operations center in a casino. I think the network (Cisco) may be my weakness since we have a dedicated network tech team that does all the switch programming/configuration,etc.

      A checklist format would be great :)