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    Typical Value


      Hi -- I'm in the process of increasing the thresholds from what was initially assigned to the transactions when they were recorded.  My question is about they typical value field -- I should not modify that right?

      I understand those values to be dynamic based on the step duration history and it's just a metric that seum attributes to the step for reporting or information.

      I just want to confirm that I shouldn't be editing those numbers.


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          Hello ariabell,

          you can safely modify also the Typical value field. Typical value is actually the time which was recorded during the playback which is done when saving the recording. This value is shown in some charts (Typical value line) and is also used for computing the "% of optimal" column in Top XX Transactions/Steps by Duration resources. So if you are changing the critical and warning thresholds you can safely change also the typical value to reflect your actual typical step duration.