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    Issue with "Top 10 LUNs by Latency"


      We are running Storage Manager 5.2 on RHEL 64bit.  We are collecting data from several HP EVA (HSV210) arrays and EMC Symmetrix (VMAX-1) arrays.  We are having problems with the Top 10 LUNs by Latency lists always showing 0 Latency                                                   MS on both the Main Console and on the individual Array Performance tabs.  The LUNs constantly change, but the numbers reported are always 0. 


      We opened a ticket with support, performed database consistency checks, and a few other things before they came back saying that this measurement was not supported on our arrays.   I would much prefer the luns not show up in this report if all of the values are going to be 0.

      Is anyone else seeing this same behavior?