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    Traps to Alert, alert acknowledge.



      we have APM 4.2.0 SP1, NPM 10.2.1 and IVIM 1.2.0 and I  have been searching every where and could not find any info on the  following issue:

      I receive traps from certain devices and I can see  them in the TRAPS view. The problem is that these alarms static you can  just look at the and that's not very useful.

      So I was trying to  make them (traps) become alerts so I could manage them and correlate  them. To make a simple example: I receive a trap saying "xxx not Working"  this should rise an critical alert in the alert view. After a wile a  new trap is sent because the problem has been solved and I get a "xxx is  now OK!" this trap should be converted on an alert that acknowledges the  "xxx not working" alert. I was unable to find anywhere this kind of  information.

      Can you please help?