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    Reporting Question


      I need to create a report showing historical data of all events triggered for certain alerts that I have configured. How do I do that?

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          To create a report showing historical data of all events triggered for certain alerts:

          1. Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Alerting, Reporting, and Mapping > Report Writer.
          2. In the left pane, under Events, click Triggered Alerts - Last 30 Days.
          3. Configure conditions on Report Designer tabs to select the the alerts you want to see.
            Note: For more information, see "Creating and Modifying Reports" in the SolarWinds Orion NPM Administrator Guide.


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              That doesn't work. I can't get anything from my advanced alerts...

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                  Michael Melton

                  Ensure that your Alerts have a Trigger Action to log to the NetPerfMon Event Log. If this isn't set I don't believe it will show the Event if it is only set to send Emails.

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                      Ahh that's it... well the SQL DB logs to the AlertLogs table. Anybody have a proper way to query that for a result? This one isn't working correctly for me...


                      select ObjectName,Message,LogDateTime from AlertLog
                      where LogDateTime >= (GetDate() - 7)
                      and Message='Alert Triggered'
                      and ObjectName like 'someserver%'
                      or ObjectName like 'someserver2%'
                      or ObjectName like 'someserver3%'
                      and LogDateTime >= (GetDate() - 7)
                      order by 3 desc


                      I censored out server names, but essentially I'm getting results back to 2011 and not all servers are being queried.

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                          Andy Ng



                          I managed to get based on LogDateTime >= (GetDate() - 7)


                          The following is what I did:


                          1. Used the following query to confirm if the date is reported correctly: SELECT GETDATE()


                          2. Ran the following to confirm that earliest date that I should see the from the AlertLog events: SELECT GETDATE() - 7


                          3. I am not sure if it is the AND and OR in the statements that messed up the querying, but the following is what I used. I also noticed that you used GetDate() twice:


                          SELECT ObjectName, Message, LogDateTime

                          FROM AlertLog


                          LogDateTime >= (GetDate() - 7)

                          AND Message='Alert Triggered'


                          ( ObjectName LIKE 'someserver%'

                          OR ObjectName LIKE 'someserver1%' )

                          ORDER BY 3 desc