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    Event filtering in Orion NPM web resources


      Please add the possibility to filter the events in Orion NPM web resources for events (e. g. 'Last 25 Events'). This possibility already exists for some other NPM web resources (e. g. 'All Nodes' or 'Related Syslog Messages'). I believe filtering by node and/or event type would be sufficent, regular expressions would be bonus.

      Two usage cases:

      1- I have an UPS with faulty SNMP agent implementation which sends false node rebooted messages every minute or so. My Event Summary resources become cluttered with bogus messages. I currently deal with this by using T-SQL script that deletes these events from my SQL DB every 10 minutes.

      2- I'm required to monitor application performance of some workstations that get powered off etc. There is a flood of events every time they get powered off and on again.