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    FEATURE REQUEST-PDF Attachment  in Excel format -Update for Case #324268 - "Report Scheduler"


      Good morning,

      I would like to please request, that the Solarwinds Developement team consider adding the the ability to generate a PDF attachement in an Excel format when using the Orion Report Scheduler.  

      In my day to day work it is quite common to be asked to directly forward reports to my superiors, and while I am very happy wth the functionality of the Report Scheduler, a major drawback is that I am not able to export the report in and Excel format as an attchment.

      While the addition of the identifier :





      to the end of the url of any report will easily convert the file to Excel it will cause no PDF file to b generated, as a result on a link is provided in the resulting email which allows one dubble click functionality to access a downloadable file, where you can then choos to save or open the file.

      What would really be great to see is a PDF or like file which can provide one click functionality directly from the email. Great for sending to superiors in meetings who just need quick referenced information and if necessary could forward to non technical people and remain confident they will have not problems opening accessing data.

      I know you can all appreciate the easier it is to use the feature the more use that feature will get.

      In anycase,

      Thank you, for considering my thoughts,

      (Update for Case #324268 - "Report Scheduler")