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    Multiple network utilization graphs on 1 page?



      I've been asked to create some reports for our WAN and wanted to see if I can just create a single webpage with the utilization graphs for a select subset of Nodes. Then I can just log into Solarwinds and present this to the people who are after the info.


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          Andy Ng



          I have answered this for another user at this link: Creating A View with Multiple Charts For Interface Utilization


          The following are the details that I had shared:


          1. In the Web Console:

          - Log into the Orion Web Console

          - Click on the Node in "All Nodes" resource

          - Click on the Interface that is indicated within the Node Details view

          - Click on the Chart that you would like to have show up on the view


          And when you select the Chart, it will show you a page with the chart above, with settings accompanied at the bottom.

          Firefox - (Right Click) the chart, and select "View Image" and capture the URL and paste in maybe in Notepad.

          IE - (Right Click) the chart, and select “Properties” and capture the URL and paste in maybe in Notepad.


          2. Back to the Web Console

          [Admin > Manage Views > (Select or Add Summary View) > '+' icon at the working column > Miscellaneous > Custom HTML]


          3. Select "Preview" and it will raise another page with the Custom HTML resource showing up.


          4. Select "Edit" on the top right of the resource


          5. With the URL that you have copied previously, put it in the text box with the following format:


          <img src="URL" />


          * Replace with the URL that you have retrieved from Step 1, and do not remove the double quotes (")


          6. Continue performing Steps 1 to 5 to get all the necessary Interfaces to be showing up on the same page.

          Note that you can adjust either the column from the View settings, or if you look closer at the URL to the image, you will notice that sandwiched in between is: &Width=640&Height=0

          You can adjust the width as well.



          The following are approaches that you can put in managing the charts:


          1. Multiple Custom HTML resources with single chart in each resource - that is the steps that I had provided above. Just keep adding Custom HTML resources.


          2. A single Custom HTML resource with multiple charts - you can slot a few <img src="URL" /> between <HTML> </HTML>



          <img src="URL1" />

          <img src="URL2" />

          <img src="URL3" />




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