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    Weekly Discovery Scans!!!


      We manage a large network and thus can not scan our entire network with one Discovery scan so we have 7 scans set up that we would like to run on a weekly basis (i.e. Scan 1 every Monday at 11PM, Scan 2 every Tuesday at 11pm...).  I have attempted to set the scan Frequency to 168 hours and opened several tickets to address this issue with no luck.  The best answer I have received is that a Feature Request will be put in.  The problem is that in the meantime, the scans run randomly and if several are occuring at once, Orion's web service becomes sluggish or unreachable.  This seems like a very common feature that is available in many other products.  I am currently running NPM 10.2.2.  This has been especially frustrating as I have to make sure the initial scan runs overnight so I either have to log in remotely to run the initial scan at 11PM every night or schedule it during the day to run at night and then modify it the following morning to change the frequency to 168 hours.  The latest ticket number for this issue is 318059.  This becomes a bigger hassle as it seems that the scan engine has a hard time with multiple scans or large wait times as the scans (even after set to 168 hours) run randomly on any given day and must be reset to run at the proper time. The bottom line is...


      Please provide a means for schedule scans to run on a weekly basis!! Allow me to schedule the scan to run every Tuesday at 11PM.

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          I 100% agree and suffer from the exact same problem in a large enterprise network.  I actually have a schedule where our NOC staff select certain discoveries to run every night at 11PM.  So on Monday they scan this network, tuesday a different, etc...etc..


          Unfortunately even though SolarWinds is growing it is limitations like this that show we are not to the enterprise monitoring level as of yet.


          I liked this post to show support. (I'm gonna love that new feature on Thwack!!!)