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    IP Address Group in NTA should only have one router's flow



      We have Orion NPM+NTA for monitoring our  data center customers. Our idea is to create IP Address Group to every customer  and use SDK for reporting that customer's utilization.

      There are around  10 routers exporting NetFlow to Orion NTA. There are cases where a customer is  accessing over two or more routers. In those cases all routers are exporting  NetFlow data pertaining to same customer which results in multiplication of  actual customer traffic.

      Suppose if the customer is accessing between two  sites where both the sites are exporting their NetFlow/IPFIX to Orion NTA then  NTA considers both the routers flow into the customer IP Addrss Group which  actually multiplies the actual value by 2 (since 2 routers are seeing the same  IP address and exporting the flows).

      We would like to know while we  define IP Address Group in Orion NTA itself, any way where the IP Address Group  statistics should be collected only from one router not from all  router?

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