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    Please add this feature: Add new tab

    basic tech

      Ok, we bought NPM APM and NCM

      NPM and APM is on Server A

      NCM is setup as a standalone (as recommended by Solarwinds support SG and Ireland) - Server B because integrating NCM on Server A too causes the database to be corrupted.

      When on NPM,since custom views are being requested by my bosses and my bosses bosses, views under four tabs (default number) will soon run out.

      Adding a new tab without having to add a new product (which) we have to buy is a very much needed option.


      I was under the impression this is possible and very easy.

      If it is not easy and possible for Solarwinds developers then will the warranty on your products be voided if I tinker with the software myself so I that I could just add tabs (being that progress on this request is very little over the past posts)?


      basic tech