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    Extending Orion to multiple sites - different admins


      We are currently using Orion to monitor multiple site but all control is from the central site.

      I have restricted the remote sites to only be able to see their links and administer their links.

      They now want to be able to tweak their alerts.

      I cannot see a way I can restrict a site to only be able to administer their own links as it has to be done on the server?

      Is there any way to do this?




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          A similar question was raised on another thread.

          I've checked with Development to confirm, and, unlike Network Atlas,  which you can use from remote locations that can access your SolarWinds  database, Report Writer must run on your primary SolarWinds (Orion Core)  server. Reports are always viewable remotely, using multiple  methods, including exported pdf, web console URL, .xls, and additional  web server,  but, if you want the ability to edit reports, you need to log in to the primary server, typically via RDP, and use Report Writer there.

          Please feel free to submit a feature request. This thread has also been marked for PM review.