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    WMI through a third party firewall.


      Hi all,

        We have been looking to get WMI working through a remote firewall.  Based on the Port Requirements for SolarWinds Products here: http://www.solarwinds.com/documentation/Orion/docs/SolarWindsPortRequirements.pdf

        It seems like there is a port not defined in the "Server & Application Monitor WMI Requirements" section.  It mentions that ports 1024-65535 need to be open.  We have found lots of articles explaining how that can be narrowed down to just one port needed for the actual WMI polling so that helps.

        What appears to be missing is any indication that WMI uses RPC (tcp 135) to determine what port will be used for subsequent WMI conversation.  Should the document be updated to indicate that along with the random port range listed, it should also indicate that tcp 135 is also required for WMI?

        Am I interpreting the process flow of WMI correctly?  Since we have locked down our WMI port to a single port, is there a way to subvert the need to do the initial RPC call that sets up the connection?