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    Toolset Network Performance Monitor chart issue


      I've recently installed Toolset v10.8. I've had NPM up for 3 days. Why do all of my charts only show activity between 8am and 5pm? Is there a way to change it so I can see 24 hours of information?

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          Hi jsntyl,

          Did you try modifying them by following the directions here?

          Viewing Charts
          Toolset Network Performance Monitor provides a number of charts for viewing both object-wide summaries and specific object statistics.
          To view a chart:
          1. Navigate to the appropriate location in the tree pane. For example, to view a summary chart, expand Summary Charts. To view a chart for a specific SNMP enabled node, expand the node, and then expand the category of the property, for example, expand CPU Load and Memory Use.
          2. Click the chart you want to view.

          •  You can zoom into a section of a chart by drawing a bounding box around the area of interest.
          •  To ensure the most up-to-date data is reflected in the chart, click Autorefresh. Autorefresh also returns the chart to the default state.
          •  Select or specify a time period by clicking the appropriate tab below the chart. Click Custom Period to specify a time period not included as a tab.
          •  If your chart contains data generated prior to data summarization, you will see a single value for minimum, maximum, and average values. After summarization, this data is available as two distinct values.


          Found in the AG on pg. 217.