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    Is netflow from fprobe supported?


      Hi all,

      I have a linux server that is collecting pcap data and converting that to netflows with fprobe. I am not seeing the flows show up in the Orion Netflow. Is this even supported?

      Maybe I am not adding the monitored device into Orion correctly. How would I do that since the linux server is not a network device? Do I have to enable SNMP on it as well to add it as a device?


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          Hi awesome_opossum,




          I just spoke with a customer who was able to get flows to show up in NTA from FProbe on their linux box using two processes (one for in, one for out; designed for high load):




          /usr/local/fprobe/sbin/fprobe -x1:2 -ieth1 -B4096 -r2 -q10000 -t10000:10000000 -a

          /usr/local/fprobe/sbin/fprobe -x2:1 -ieth1 -B4096 -r2 -q10000 -t10000:10000000 -a




 = Source IP

 = NetFlow collector IP

          2055 = Collector port




          X1:2 (InPackets)

          X2:1 (OutPackets)




          Hopefully this helps!