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    Windows 2008 R2 Default DC Policy


      Good Afternoon!  I thought that I would share a solution for a problem that I found while installing the LEM Agent on Domain Controllers.  I ran into an issue where I was not receiving events for changes made to AD (Additions, Deletions, Group Changes, etc) and everything seemed to be correct.  The agent installed on the DC had the correct Directory Services and other associated tools running and the Default Domain Controllers Group Policy was configured according to the LEM User Guide.  Well, I looked in the Security Log on the DC itself and noticed that no events were being logged.  After hours of scouring Microsoft's site trying to find a solution (and running gpupdate /force more times than I can count), I finally found a web page describing the exact problem and fix.  Here it is for all of you to enjoy: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/spatdsg/archive/2011/06/06/audit-policy-not-registering-audits.aspx . Thank you for your time.