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    Using NPM to monitor a Windows Cluster (NPM10.2.1)


      I have looked at a dozen posts here in Thwack on the proper way to monitor a Windows Cluster using NPM.  There were a dozen different answers, but none of them were clear to me.


      I have a two node, Windows 2003, fail over cluster, running SQL.  I have an IP address for this Cluster.

      Here is what I THINK I should do:

      1. Discover Node1 and Node2

      2. Remove the shared storage volumes (Data/TLogs/Backup/etc)

      3. Discovery the Cluster IP

      4. Remove everything BUT the shared storage volumes (Data/TLogs/Backup/etc)


      Doing things this way, each node is fully monitored at all times and all shared volumes are monitored at all times.

      Would someone please chime in on this say "looks good" or "no, do it this way."


      Thanks everyone (As always)

      - Dave Claussen