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    Connecting to Cisco devices via SNMP



      I'm evaluating this at the moment and am starting out by pointing a few Cisco devices towards it.


      I followed the advice here on how to set this up and create the LEM tool: http://knowledgebase.solarwinds.com/kb/questions/2866/Configuring+Cisco+IOS+Routers+and+Switches+to+Syslog+to+Your+LEM+Appliance

      Now I have two Cisco devices connected following this guide and the problem I'm having is that whenever I receive an alert it comes in twice. I beleive it's something to do with the LEM tool. I've created 2 (1 for each device) and they are both set to logging facility local2. Is this correct? How does LEM differentiate between the devices so not all my Cisco devices are stuck with the same ToolAlias?

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          Hi, there.

          This is a good point of clarification. You only need the one connector (tool) on the appliance to cover both of the devices. You'll be able to know what device any given alert came from by looking at the IP addresses.

          Thanks for the heads up. I'll work on getting this into the documentation somehow.