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    NPM doesn't recognize my Ruckus APs


      According to the NPM Admin guide, if I add my Wifi APs as nodes NPM will magically recognize them as Wireless APs and treat them as such. I have successfully added my Ruckus ZoneDirector and APs as nodes and monitored a couple of interfaces on them (and they are not "unknown"), but nothing ever showed up in the "Wireless APs" section. Does NPM only recognize certain brands of Wifi equipment? I would hope that stuff as high-end as Ruckus would be included... but apparently not.

      I then thought maybe I needed to add a "Universal Poller" for my APs, but quickly got completely lost in the admin guide on the section about MIBs and creating a poller. Apparently you need a degree in SNMP to work some of this stuff!

      Any advice appreciated!