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    Is it possible to auto-populate nodes into Tool profiles.


      We want to add the LEM Agents to all of our Servers & a few Workstations.

      I would like the agents to be automatically placed into their appropriate Tool Profiles based on the operating system detected.

      For example, Servers to be placed in the Members Servers Tool Profile and Win 7 workstations placed in the Win7 tool profile and so on.

      Is there a way to do this automatically?


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          Hi, there.

          If you're pushing the LEM Agent to computers that are already on your network, there currently isn't a way to do this. On the other hand, if you have computers that you haven't deployed yet, you can install the LEM Agent on your Windows image, which could specify tool profile membership. If by some chance that's what you're trying to do, here's that KB article:

          How to include the LEM Agent in a Windows image

          As for the other functionality, we can flag that as a feature request. If anyone else out there agrees that this would be a useful feature, please post your specific comments supporting the feature here.


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              This would be an incredibly helpful feature for new deployments, especially considering:


              • New product customers with a large scale, legacy, mixed Windows OS environments
              • That the default Windows event log tools do not apply properly apply to Windows 7 systems and flood the logs with the 4634(?) event IDs until you reapply the proper tool.


              Of all the configurations possible with LEM, I find it a bit laughable (in a hysterical, pull my hair out way) that you cannot auto-populate the rule groups, with either a system rule or user define rule.  I have  4000+ existing systems to add to LEM, over half of which are Windows 7.


              At least give us a way to view something other than the device name in the "Available Agents" field when editing the tool profile.

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                  nicole pauls

                  Thanks. I think it might be helpful to be able to use the list in Manage > Nodes (which has that entire grid with ALL of the agent info AND the refinement/search stuff) and manage the profile membership from there. The space in Build>Groups is too small and it's difficult to use with that large # of nodes.


                  Even if it was as simple as top right gear (the one with Delete/Copy) > Move to Profile > <pick from list of profiles>, it would be way faster to do it manually. A band-aid, but it's something.


                  Long term, we do need to add a way to automatically populate profiles with some kind of logic.


                  I posted your idea over in the ideas forum, feel free to upvote and add your thoughts: Automatically Populate Agent Profiles