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    Nice bait


      While I am thankful SolarWinds has produced several useful free tools for the community, I have to say IPAT is just not functional enough to make it useful. That likely explains the carefully placed Orion IPAM upgrade messages you see in the registration and use of IPAT. Discovery is good, but the fact you cannot at least alter the hostname of discovered machines makes this useless for me. I suppose the comment field could be used for this purpose, but that's not good enough in my mind. All of the columns should be editable for pingable machines. There are legitimate reasons NOT to have machines in DNS or capable of being probed by SNMP or otherwise.

      The funny thing was I developed a new interest in SolarWinds because of this and thought I might look at other tools like IPMonitor, but now I'm turned off. 

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          actually I think it still is pretty useful...

          In IPAM you are not able to alter most fields either (hostname I believe was and is possible) because they would be overwritten on the next scan anyhow, thats why you are able to edit the comment field or in IPAM create new editable custom fields.

          In IPAM, if you disable the scanning for that one IP, you can edit all the fields.


          But to get to your point... yes most of these free tools seem to be designed to only deliver limited usefulness, just enough to make you use it but not enough to productively use it as a main tool.

          But what do you expect? Of course a company is not going to give away the best products with full functionality for free, they are meant to catch customers who crave for more.

          I can only tell you that you are making a mistake if you dont even look at the other tools.

          I haven't had a chance to try out ipmonitor but the Orion suite is quite nice, problems like everywhere else but it's difficult to find something that looks so nice, large functionality and still be able to customize everything... and all that in one interconnected suite!