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    Duplicate files report


      Hey folks,

      I'm looking for a little help trying to put together a duplicate file report that actually does what I want. Currently none of the quick reports will allow me to select the drives and also get the file location links in one report. They also don't seem to be catching anywhere near all the duplicates. If I were to create a new File analysis rule how would I specify that I was looking only for duplicate files?



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          Could you post a little more detail in what you are trying to do.

          • Are these server drives, remote shares (CIFS/NFS) or local shares?
          • What report are you running where you can't select the drives?
          • Have you tried a custom report with a filter for the drive(s) you are looking for?


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              One of the other Admins copied a lot of data from one server drive(d:) to another(u:) in order to free up space, but according to policy before the data on d: can be deleted the admin needs to know that everything copied. 

              I tried running Duplicate file summary by name and Size Group by Root Dir/Share it lets me select the drives but doesn't return anywhere near all the duplicates, and doesn't include file links.

              I tried a custom report but I can't seem to figure out how to get it to give me the option to select drive letters, file links, and only duplicates by name and size. I guess that's my real question.