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    Compare to VMware VCM Patching?



      We just bought VMware vCenter Configuration Manager.  We planned to use the patching features, but are finding out now that to really make it easy and somewhat automated will require a load of professional services and scripting work by VMware.  

      How does this product compare?   

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          Biggest thing based on your comment above is you don't need to do scripting or need professional services with Patch Manager to create content.  We also provide third party application content out of the box and update it ongoing as long as you are on maintenance.  See here for more info on this.

          I would say second is going to be price, I think you will find our solution to be much more cost effective. 

          To best answer your question, listing out the primary use cases you are looking to solve would help.  It may make sense just to have you jump on a call with one of our reps to walk through and discuss to see if this would be a fit or not for you.