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    Dependency Problem


      I have a group of devices I am monitoring across a VPN tunnel. I have added all the devices (windows servers) to a group. I then created a dependency with the first device on the other end of the tunnel as the parent, and the group as the child. All these servers also have APM monitors on them. The site went down this morning, and every server is reporting as down instead of unreachable. In APM the servers and their components are all reporting as unreachable. Any ideas what could be causing this?


      My side of tunnel-->First device (parent)-->All windows servers (added to group, and group is the child)

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          rmoney, as I'm sure you are aware, this is odd because that is exactly what groups and depenencies are supposed to do. Just to make sure, the parent is down right (sounds like everything is down so I am assuming it is)? If not, then the children will be down instead of unreachable.


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            Did the children Nodes ever go Unreachable?  I am guessing not, but want to be sure there was not an issue with delay.

            The APM components went Unreachable because they have an implicit dependency on the node. Whenever a node is down, if its applications, interfaces, volumes, IPSLA operations, etc. are also unable to be reached, then these sub objects go unreachable, with no need for explicit dependency definition.

            On your windows servers Node Details page, do you have the Dependencies for the Node resource?  This should show only the one parent child relationship you have defined.  If there is more than one parent defined then you may have run into an issue in how your parent/child definitions are set up.  All parents must be Down or Unreachable in order for a child to be considered Unreachable.

            When you open a support ticket we can take a look at your definitions and what might have happened to cause the dependencies to not behave as expected.  10.2.2 made some significant performance improvements in this area of the code so if you are not on that version, you should consider the upgrade.