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    Report data in report writer differs from webreport


      Hi all,

      I searched the forums but I couldn't find the exact answer for my problem.

      I made a new custom device poller to monitor the current sessions/connections on my firewalls.
      I've assigned this custom poller a few days ago to my firewalls I want to monitor.

      Now I'm designing a report to display the historical data on the Orion webinterface.
      In this report I will take the MAX of the status of the custom poller data.
      When I will click on Execute SQL Query the report writer displays the right data:

      When I save this report and in the webinterface display this report, the displayed data differs from the data in the report writer:

      I've already tried to uncheck the checkbox for Group Historical Data by Days but this doesn't solve my problem.

      Someone had the same problem, or does somebody have a clue for this problem?