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      Hi guys,

      If you ever get the below screen when clicking on the PERFORMANCE tab of a storage array:

      then the reason for this is that STM is installed on a non-US operating system.
      The official resolution is to run a repair and optimization query on the database.

      Here's how it's done:

      Windows OS, STM v5.1.x

      Stop the MySQL Service. This will automatically stop the Storage Manager Services.

      Using CMD Prompt as Administrator, browse to the directory:
      C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Storage Manager Server\mysql\data\storage

      and run the command:
      for %i in (*.MYI) do ..\..\bin\myisamchk --defaults-file=..\..\my.cnf -c -r -a -v %i

      Allow the repair to complete. This may take some time depending on the size of the database.

      Start the MySQL Service. Start all the Storage Manager services.


      Unix based OS, STM 5.1.x

      Stop all STM services: /usr/bin/storage_manager_server stop

      Change to the mysql data directory (assuming it is installed in: /usr/Storage_Manager_Server/mysql/data/storage) cd /usr/Storage_Manager_Server_Server/mysql/data/storage

      Run a full repair: ../ ../bin/myisamchk -v -r -a *.MYI

      Start all services: /usr/bin/storage_manager_server start


      In addition to this you must change the following after first stopping the services:

      Change the regional settings to English United States

      Click on Customize this format... and ensure that punctuation is full stop and not comma on line 1:

       Copy this setting to all user accounts (a server reboot will most likely be needed in order for the changes to take effect):