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    Display DNS name not "System Name"




      I have a NPM 10.2.2 installation that only containes CISCO nodes.

      When I browse my nodes NPM displayes the system name and not the name from the DNS. Under the details page for each device NPM has found the right DNS name but how do I tell NPM to use the DNS name as default and not the system name?

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          Orion is composing Node Caption using this algorithm:

          1. If sysName is known, use it for Caption
          2. If DNS name is known and sysName is not, use DNS
          3. If both sysName and DNS are unknown, use IP address
          There is no configuration option available which could change this default behavior, but once Caption is set, you can edit it manually and until it's not empty it will remain untouched.
          If you don't care about SysNames, you can try excluding sysName OID ( from view for SNMP community / username used by Orion for polling. Then Orion won't be able to poll the sysName, which forces it to use DNS for composing Captions.