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    IPAM  to allow Administrator users to set permission for orion users on  IP group's folders.


      Imagine the user who needs the ability to set manually IP Addresses as Used or Reserved, or even type information about the devices on the IPAM IP table.

      It’s not always you’ll have just one team or one person managing all the IP Addresses in a large company.

      Can you imagine doing this on 16000 IP addresses or more without delegate the function to the many branches or department that are part off company? Can you imagine having several teams accessing all the IP Group folders on IPAM? It’s almost impossible to consolidate the IP manage without setting permissions to the folders or the many subnets of a particular branch.

      Reports and its filters might help on some way, but it does not solve the problem as it is on large environments where you need multiple Admin users.

      This is why I do support this feature request. IPAM needs to give the Administrator users to set which IP Group Folder can be fully managed by an Orion IPAM User.