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    Can the FoE Channel network in a WAN configuration be a routed VLAN?


      My question is about the requirements for the channel network in a WAN configuration.

      I'd like to setup the FoE engine to failover to a server in a co-location site that is primarily connected to HQ via a 1Gb fiber cross-connect. We have a 50Mbps DMVPN backup link. We could establish a private non-routed VLAN that stays on layer 2 between the sites, but when the cross-connect goes down (maintenance, squirrle bites, etc.) our DM-VPN kicks in. The problem is that if this channel network is only on layer 2, it won't be available on the DM-VPN backup when the cross-connect goes down. If this were a routed layer 3 VLAN, then the network could be available to the DM-VPN.

      So.... the question is, can the channel network in a WAN configuration be setup as a routed layer 3 network?

      Thanks in advance.