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    Backing up Netgear configs


      I have a number of Netgear FSM726 switches which present the following menu upon telnet...

                                 FSM726 Management Switch
                                        Main Menu

                                       a. System
                                       b. Status
                                       c. Set-up
                                       d. Tools
                                       e. Security
                                       f. Advanced
                                       g. Exit

      Hit <Enter> to overview System Information
      <ESC> Back  <Tab> Move the Cursor               <Ctrl-L> Refresh  <Ctrl-W> Save

      Using Kiwi Cattools v3.2.13, can anyone suggest how I send keystrokes ('F', then 'L') to get to the CLI, after which I can presumably send the command 'show run' to obtain a backup of my running configs?

      Many thanks


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          Steve Welsh

          Hi Ronnie,

          Couple of avenues worth your further investigation:

          1) Can you config the device to go directly into CLI mode on Telnet?   This would probably be the quickest solution if its possible.

          2) The alternative option would be for you to download the latest release to a 'test' system and see if the 'Generic.Device' device type and Variations feature can be used to work around this?

          See http://www.kiwisyslog.com/help/cattools/dev_devicevariations.htm for more information on the variations feature.

          You probably want to try adding variations within the 'Pre/Post Login' tab.


          Please post back your findings.




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              Thanks Steve, I got this working by following your recommendation of using the new device 'Variations' feature.


              Here's a copy of the config I used with my FSM726 along with a 'Device.Backup.Running Config' activity...


              (saved as C:\Program Files\CatTools3\Variations\MYSWITCH.txt)


              DEVICE_USERNAMEPROMPT = "Username:"

              DEVICE_PASSWORDPROMPT = "Password"


              DEVICE_MORETEXT = "--More--"

              MORETEXT_KEYSTROKE = " "



              COMMAND_DISABLEPAGING = ""

              COMMAND_DISCONNECT = "exit"

              POST_LOGIN_KEYSTROKE = "f"

              POST_LOGIN_KEYSTROKE = ""

              POST_LOGIN_KEYSTROKE = ""

              POST_LOGIN_KEYSTROKE = ""

              POST_LOGIN_KEYSTROKE = "l"

              POST_LOGIN_KEYSTROKE = ""




              I had to send 3x blank keystrokes between the 'F' and the 'L' to accommodate the delay in displaying the 'Advanced' menu, otherwise it fails.  It would be better if we could insert a code to represent a pause of x seconds before sending the next keystroke, but I guess we'll have to wait for the next version for that.