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    NPM 10.3 Beta 2 is now available!


      If you were interested in trying out some of the cool new things we are working on in NPM, but you dind't get a chance to try out Beta 1, now is a great time to download Beta 2 and give it a try! Simply fill out the below survey and I will send you the download link (current NPM customers only).

      In Beta 1 we had support for the following:

      • Alert enhancements for table based UnDPs
      • Native support for Alaxala and Apresia
      • Better support for international customers
      • New charts 
        • Average Response Time and Packet Loss
        • Min/Max/Average CPU Load
        • Top CPUs by Percent Load
      In Beta 2 we have made the following additions:
      • Improved topology (now uses CDP/LLDP)
      • New interface charts (Percent Utilization and Total Bytes charts)
      • Export to PDF enhancements
      Betas are early development builds that are not supported in production. All support assistance is provided directly by development on thwack using the this forum. Also, upgrades to future betas are not supported. If you are an existing NPM customer and want to give this a try and give us some feedback, please fill out this survey and I'll provide you the download information.
      To see a post with pictures of the new charts, check out the Want to see some cool charts?.
      To see the other items we are still working on, see the "What We Are Working On" post for NPM.