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    Storage Manager and Native out of the box Alerting


      We are having issues with native alerting in Storage Manager.

      We would really like the ability to setup up custom alerts that have meaningful data in them. We would also like the ability to customize the Subject line.

      One of the Engineers told us we can send a trap to Orion NPM and have Orion send a custom email. My management does not want to add more complexity and another point of failure when it comes the the Storage alerting.

      As you can see from the test email below there is no usefull information about which snap-mirror relationship hit the threshold.

      Here is what one of the snapmirror alerts look like:

      From: Orion
      Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2012 12:15 PM
      To: my_name
      Subject: server_name Information Threshold condition me... 03/01/2012 15:15:07


      Severity:  Information

      Host:  server_name


      Event: Threshold condition met - TESTING EDITS CLM.

      Check varbindings for details


      deviceIdent = 949

      ruleID = 1

      ruleName = NetApp Snapmirror - 24 Hour Lag condition = Lag Delay(Minutes)  >=  1440.0 for 0 seconds thresholdStatus = NA thresholdField = Lag Delay(Minutes) currentValue = 7710 thresholdStartTime = 1 Mar 2012 15:15:07 thresholdDuration = 0 seconds instanceName = snapmirrorstats instanceInfo = NA deviceDetails = server_name|ip_address additionalInfo = NA


      Suggested Action: Check Resource

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          No responses yet? What is everyone else doing for alerting with storage manager?

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              This looks like a bug, in general it should display information about the instance that met the threshold criteria.  Please open a ticket.  Many users are forwarding traps to Orion to handle them, but I completely understand wanting to do it natively. 

              Aside: We plan to improve alerting in the future, but I do welcome more feedback. 


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                  Sending the traps to the Orion server is not the answer we were looking for. We are going to try and update / upgrade to the new version and see if it’s any better. Customization of alerts is important to us. So far from what I have seen Storage Manager needs some major improvements if we are going to keep it. Our storage guys are already looking for other solutions that comes with NetApp and 3Par. Not sure opening another ticket with SolarWinds is going to help. We have been working closely with Milton and have somewhat of an action plan in place. We are doing another GoToMeeting on the 13th of March with him to see if the upgrade helped any.