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    Supported Device - Works? Options?


      I have just one switch that i need to backup, its a HP Procurve 5412zl. I notice when i add a device and it says vendor i put in HP, Device Type (Hp Switch 2500 * Only Option), then my only options are for the Models are HP2512, HP2524, HP2600, HP4108, or other. Which one do i put in to pull the config from my 5412zl? I have no username and password setup on this switch, just the splash screen that says hit any key to continue after i have telnet'd to that device. Im also not sure what to put into the stack option. Thanks in advance.

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          Steve Welsh

          Ignore the 'model' field.  This is purely a reference field and you can add whatever you like in there.  It doesn't effect the way the script works.

          The 'hit any key to continue' shold be automatically handled by the script.   Just try setting up the device up in CatTools with no username and passwords defined.

          Leave the stack option empty too unless you have a stack of HP switches and see the "Enter switch number to connect to or <CR>" prompt when you connect, in which case you need to enter the stack item number in this field