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    NPM 10.2.2 upgrade changes page design


      Hey what gives?! The release notes for the NPM 10.2.2 upgrade do not state that you guys mucked about with the web page layout. 

      My main pages no longer fit vertically. (yes, they were designed right to the bottom of the screen) - I'm guessing either your title banner or the menu bar has changed height.  Or was it that your moved the date and time to show under the 'export to PDF' link?  Please fix this.

      The Down Nodes resource now has seperator lines between each node - this make it the same as Nodes Not Up. PLEASE CHANGE THIS BACK. 

      At least warn me when you are going to make a change to the appearance.  Then I know it will cost me a lot of time to review and fix things and can plan accordingly.

      On the plus side, the upgrade from 10.1.2 went smoothly - except for the licensing nonsense, but that seems to be normal. At least the manual activation procedure is smooth and well documented these days. :-D improvements!

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          I'm not sure exactly what happened with the layout. I've asked dev to take a look at this and find out what happened. I apologize for the inconvenience. Did you have this on a display? Is that why this is a big problem for you?


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              10.2.2 Upgrade Issues.

              10.2.2 Upgrade had a few issues, which I have to say support were not very helpful about!

              There did not seem to be an upgrade path or documentation for 10.2.2 in the modules.zip of pdf files.


              First error on during the config wizard was:

              a. cannot update field volumes.fullname to nvarchar(255)

              altered manually in sql, re ran confog wizard

              b. Error while executing script - The stats 'EthernetAddress' is dependant on column 'EthernetAddress'.

              Searched the db schema for a column called ethernet address - removed the stats column.

              re-ran the config wizard - install conpleted fine.

              Create stats and Update Stats complete.

              Now running 10.2.2!