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    Tabular Device Poller Resource - combine 3 custom pollers based on special key column?


      Looks like there a possibility to combine the results of different Custom Poller into one table with a Tabular Device Poller resource.
      I tried to use it to create a Spanning Tree Port State listing containing the mapping - IfDescription to dot1dStpPortState.
      To do so, a relation between StpPortState <-> StpPortIfIndex <-> IfIndex <-> IfDescription must be queried via SNMP - which means 3 tables and so 3 pollers.
      Unfortunately it seems it is not possible to link the 3 necessary tables for this combination:

      These are the settings of this view:


      I am already pretty sure that this mapping is not possible,
      because there no option to link the IfIndex key to the dot1dBasePortIfIndex Table key columns.

      Please let me know if I am missing somethin here.
      In the meantime I created another thread to discuss another option to create Spanning Tree Reports via custom SQL reports - which is of course more complex so we would prefer this built in feature if possible...

      thanx for any hints