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    Feature: Manage Subnets left pane to allow Supernets and Subnets to be listed in "dotted decimal" order


      Today, Supernets are listed before Subnets on the same hierarchy level.  We would like the option for supernets to be sorted in "dotted decimal" order rather than before subnets. 

      The result would be a list of all subnets/supernets listed in consistent, dotted-decimal order mixed together numerically.  Again, needed to help find subnets and find missing or available subnets.

      We use supernets for sites that are carved up into VLAN subnets.  Some sites just have a single /24 and don't need to be a a supernet.

      One idea we had was to make a supernet for every site, then put a subnet in it the same CIDR size.  A hassle, but the sorting would work then.