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    NTA 3.8 not getting sflow info from HP Procurve 5412zl after enabling IP multicast routing and IP IGMP


      I have been using NTA 3.8 without a problem for several months.  I recently enabled IP Multicast routing and IP IGMP on my Procurve 5412zl.  Since I have done this, I am unable to receive sflow data to the NTA now.  I tried re-enabling sflow on the switch and made sure it was sending to the correct IP/Port.  I could also ping the NTA server from the switch.  I am also monitoring TRK1 via NPM.



      sflow 1 destination IP of NTA/NPM 2055

      sflow 1 polling Trk1 60

      sflow 1 sampling Trk1 50