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    Network Atlas Feature Request

    Daniel Miller

      I would like to ask for a feature in Network Atlas that will Allow you to Shift a group of selected devices on a map by some value.  I'm not sure if this already exists, but I haven't been able to find it.  I think this would make it a lot easier to manipulate the Maps in moving nodes around without having to do them individually. It could be something as easy as saying shift selected nodes +100, -220 (x,y) and it will add the values to the coordinates of each node.

      Please tell me what you think or if there is an easier way.


      Daniel Miller

        • Re: Network Atlas Feature Request

          Hi Daniel, this is probably more complicated than you were looking for, but you can export the map and modify the values from the text file. You can export the map with Ctrl-E or click the icon in the upper left corner, go to Export, then select Export Map. You can open this file with a text editor. From there, you might be able to maniupulate these in bulk. When you have the changes you need, simply save the file and from Network Atlas, click the icon in the upper left corner again and select Open Map. Once it's back in, simply save it and your need map changes should be good.

          Like I said, this is probably much more complicated than you were expecting (the text file manipulation), but it's one way to do it.

          Good luck!