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    File Watch - Not Working as intended?


      I have a new monitor I just setup to watch a csv file for lines that include the error "421".  The preview button shows me it found about 17k+ lines, which is actually correct.  Yet, the monitor stays green.  Maybe I don't understand how this type of monitor is supposed to work, but shouldn't it start going red as it found the line I'm watching for?  There are no alerts fired off or anything like that either.


      This is my regex command:

      \i421(.*?Server\s+disk full).*?$

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          There are 3 Monitors that are not designed to fail:

          -SNMP Trap

          -File Watching

          -Event Log

          These Monitors will watch for specific content.

          When content is found, it will trigger an "Information Notification" (not a Failure or Recovery Notification).

          To ensure that this is setup right, try this:

          1. Open your File Watching Monitor.
          2. Click "Downtime Simulator".
          3. Click the Alert Action you see being triggered here (if Monitor were to fail...as in it cannot access the file).
          4. Once you are in the Action, scroll down and ensure that "Send Information Notifications"  is selected.

          Also, keep in mind that your File Watching Monitor will only notify you when it finds new entries past the offset it is currently at.

          Hope this helps.


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              Thanks for the reply Fodome.  I tested this out by deleting the file and adding a brand new one with some made up lines and the monitor fired off the alert.  I knew that this is the way it worked with the Event Log but I was thinking the file watching might be different.

              I did not know about the information notifications part, and that's really good info.

              Thank you for taking the time to answer this for me.