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    Kiwi CatTools v3.7 Release Candidate available to customers under maintenance



      All CatTools customers under maintenance will soon receive an email containing a download link to CatTools v3.7 RC.

      This release contains the following:
      • Support for latest Cisco IOS revisions command ‘show mac-address-table’ for Report.MAC address table activity
      • Improved session termination on HP devices
      • Importing of devices into database containing single quotation marks in filenames
      • Reduced login attempts on Enterasys devices to two attempts to prevent device lockout
      • Enhancements to Report.ARP table activity for Nexus 7000 series
      • Enhancements to Extreme.Switch.General login routine
      • Enhancements to Report.MAC address table activity for Nexus 5000 series
      • Improved API documentation in help file
      • Support of "connect via" from Fortinet to Fortinet device
      • Enhancements to Device.Backup.Running Config activity to support Fortinet devices with VDOMs
      • Enhancements to Device.Backup.Running Config activity for Cisco ASA
      • Enhancements to Report.Version table activity for F5 Big-IP
      • Improved hostname determination for Netopia devices

      Please post your comments and feedback in this forum.

      FYI, we are aware of a few well known issues:

      • When the user imports the activities from a X86 machine to a 32 bit machine where Program files(X86) folder cannot be found, and run the activities, the user sees an error “Unable to write report file C:\Program file(X86)\CatTools3\Report\Devices.Backup.Running Config. Txt.Error : Path not found”

      • When the user imports the Activities and edit them, the time tab contains a date set to 2003.

      • When the user runs an activity, it is sometime impossible to perfom any action on it. The activity window’s option like add, copy,  run now... are grayed out. This occurs sometimes with Windows 7 machines.