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    IPSLA Source Port


      I've recently setup some VoIP UDP Jitter operations via the IPSLA module on some Cisco 891s I've deployed in the field for the specific purpose of running IPSLA to monitor performance from an end node perspective, rather than setting up operations on the existing routers that service my various sites.  On a few of these systems I've noticed packet loss being reported, and after investigating this further I see that my QoS policies on my edge routers are not tagging this traffic with the appropriate DSCP markings (EF).  The reason being is that in my network, both source and destination UDP ports must fall within the range of 16384 to 32767.  The IPSLA operations setup by our NPM system have a destination port of 17000 (default I believe), but I can find no where within the GUI to set the source port.  I know that this is a supported feature of IPSLA in the IOS version I'm running.  I'm looking for confirmation that I can indeed not do what I am trying to accomplish through the GUI.  My assumption at this point is that I'll have to delete all the operations I created in the system, go to each IPSLA router and create the operations manually, then import them in to the system as manually entered so I can still gather all the statistics and create alerts of the data I'm gathering.

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          Hi smittyman,


          Unfortunately setting of source is not possible in current version of IPSLA Manager. I create a feature request for that (FB 110676).

          The only workaround that comes to my mind is create those IPSLA operations manually on routers (with custom source port) and then import this operation into IPSLAManager.