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    Orion NPM Web Site




      recently I install The orion NPM version 8.1 in a windows 2008 Enterprise 64 bits, Yes I know, this is a old version of orion, but is the version that we have in this moment.


      when I try to log into the orion website usingn the admin user, I do not work, juststays on the login screen without going to the next page. if I put the wrong user, if I throw the invalid user error,

      Do not know what may be happening in the old server with windows 2003 server worked fine.

      Do not know if I explained what my problem.

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          Oliver White

          Hi Lecasri,

          The installation of Orion NPM 8.1 will not work on a Windows 2008 server since it will not support the new IIS. In addition Windows 2008 support came with version Orion NPM 10.0.

          Windows 2003 will work since it was supported at th etime when Orion NPM 8.1 came out.

          If you are an existing customer sumit a support ticket in order to get your Orion NPM 8.1 upgraded to the latest version.

          Otherwise you would need to revert to Windows 2003 server which Orion NPm 8.1 will support.

          Kind Regards

          Oliver White