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    APM Filter Application Health Overview


      I would love to be able to create a filter on the Application Health Overview resource...

      We have a NOC screen that we want to see the health of various applications. eg Our website has - Web server, application server and database server. To be able to group all these individual applications as one application health overview would be great.


      Currently I have to create a new resource and create a view limitation based on what i want to see, and then add the new resources as an iframe (see below).

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          The Application Health Overview resource can't be filtered directly as it would no longer make sense in the overall context of the page. This resource will however automatically filter based on view limitations when creating custom page views similar to the example below.

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              I know it cant be filtered... hence why i posted in the feature request forum.


              But it would allow me to create an overview of my applications which are made up of several applications..

              I already use the view limitations but this is very messy (have to use a custom html resource and iframes to a detached resource). If i was able to directly filter the application health overview to specific applications it would be a lot better... ie. i can have one for my website which is made up of IIS websites, Application servers and Databases and another for my intranet again with IIS websites etc.


              As per my screen shot its very messy to display of my overview screen. See below again. I would be happy to do a webex to show my case.