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    SNMP Trap receiver


      Hi there,

      Now that the SNMP Trap Receiver supports informs I have two questions:

      1) How many informs can the SNMP Trap Receiver process per second (and what system architecture supports such a benchmark, e.g. CPU, Memory, Disk, local/remote SQL instance etc)?

      2) Does the SNMP Trap Receiver raise an event that I could handle in my own code, or is the only way to observe that an inform has been received by reading the log?



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          We don't have any benchmarking available in a public format for this as currently most standard systems process traps fast enough that we haven't run into any real limitations.

          As far as informs are concerned, Trap Receiver reads them but does not raise a notification for them. So the only way to observer that an inform has arrived is by reading the log.