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    Product feedback after an evaluation...


      We have recently been looking at log management tools so when I had some free time I downloaded LEM to take it for a test drive.

      I found the initial install and setup quick and easy; unfortunately the experience went downhill from there...

      I found the interface very unintuitive, I had difficulties getting even the most simple of things working as I wanted them.  I also found the Adobe AIR interface to be an overall poor experience.

      We own and heavily use SolarWinds products from the Orion line (NPM, APM, NCM) and I absolutely love the approach of simplicity and ease of use while still having the ability to be flexible and do very complex things if you so choose.  Unfortunately I didn't feel that LEM lived up to any of these expectations.

      If LEM is going to be the SolarWinds answer to Log Management, I think there is a lot of work to be done to meet the high standards set by the Orion product line.

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          Kellie Mecham

          Hi Byron,

          As always thanks for the feedback. As you know, we take it very seriously.  What I'd like to do if you have time is schedule a GoToMeeting where we can talk more about what your goals were for the product, and walk through what you tried to do with it.  We can use the information you give us going forward to help inform future designs.  Feel free to email me at kellie.mecham@solarwinds.com to set this up, and thanks again as always for honest feedback--it's how we improve!

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            nicole pauls

            Hey Byron,

            First, thanks for your feedback.

            What we've heard from customers is that the learning curve on LEM is still pretty steep - there's a lot of things you can do and it's capable of everything from simple to complex, but it takes you longer than it should to find things and combine them in such a way that you know how to solve problems. After some period of time/exposure, you get into the rhythm and things make a lot more sense.

            I've heard people describe snowboarding as a skill you are really bad at as a newb, then suddenly quite good at as things start to click - LEM is the same way. If you wanted to learn to snowboard I'd suggest a helmet and some lessons, but we want to improve LEM so that a helmet isn't necessary and you can zoom down the hill on your first day without 4 hours of lessons.

            We are working on some long and short term ways to help people get up and running faster, especially making better decisions about what to do first, or next, when you come into LEM with a specific problem you want to solve.

            If you have the time for an offline discussion of ways we can improve, we'd love to have your feedback. Even a quick email or phone call to get some details of what you were trying to do and what issues you ran into would help us test our thinking. LEM is still relatively new to the SolarWinds world but that opens the door for a lot of opportunity!

            EDIT: I see Kellie beat me to that punch, but we're interested in the same goal :)

            Thanks for your feedback!